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JRE Org | Who we are and what we do

JRE is abbreviated for Join & Reach Everyone.

JRE Org is a Kenyan-based socio-technological agency that was founded upon the realization that information is limited to a few individuals. Our focus is to strike a balance to alleviate this difference.

Thus we acquire the necessary information by implementing the latest technological techniques and then presenting the information to you in the easiest way possible. These tools include the use of websites, blogs, forums, social media, referrals, online ads, online boards, graphical presentations and community works.

JRE Org is in the IT business providing professional I.T services including but not limited to Web Design, Internet marketing , Software solutions, Graphics Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), IT Support and E-commerce web development in Kenya.

Our team of qualified experts who possess experience in the different fields and working together they share different ideas that help in transforming the world into a better place. JRE Org has also partnered with people who share the same sentiments of changing the world.

We are on the front line in supporting charity works and its for this reason that we have set aside initiatives that will benefit charitable institutions.