Web Solutions (E-commerce, Web Development, Web Marketing)

Your business in today’s world must have an online presence. Be it in the social media, websites, blogs and any other digital platforms. As at now, over 80% of businesses have claimed a presence in the World Wide Web. Most transactions are now done online. If you are not yet online, then this is a wake-up-call for you. Get your business out there, and the internet is without doubt a notably resourceful platform for that.

We build your website with your business in mind. If you are interested we want to build your website with added features that might benefit the overall usability and user experience which usually leads to better sales! Where we can help share the bottom-line for you. We will be happy to help execute our projects at a much affordable cost

Developing an integrated internet marketing approach will drive traffic, capture more conversions and boost direct sales from your website. The fact still remains that there is no black magic to successfully attracting customers via the web. Our work is to help you claim your online presence. We value your web presence, and even more we value your online visibility. With our result-driven internet marketing strategies we will help you keep track of your business web presence.

We provide web marketing services focusing on Website Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Custom Web Development, Content Management, E-commerce Development, Database Development, Online Ad Campaigns and Graphic Design.

Creative Design (Graphics, Web Design)

We are a creative design agency in Kenya. We are her to help you achieve your business goals by making more effective use of design and technology. Our creative design services include designing appealing and marketable websites, logo design, brochures, business cards and personal profiles.

Software Solutions (Implementation, Training, Development)

JRE Org employs the use of latest information systems technology to provide quality solutions for businesses. The business has diversified interest in I.T Solutions, Enterprise Systems, Business re-engineering, Web Development and much more.

Automate your business with our software solutions. We develop both web and desktop applications. Inventory systems, web portals, backup scripts, interface design, school management systems. We also develop applications as per the client’s requirements. We also provide installation and maintenance of computer systems in Kenya.

I.T Support in Kenya (Consultancy & Training)

We provide support and training regarding the services and products we offer. And we are always a phone call away in case of any arising issues. JRE Org also provides computer servicing to ensure that you never lose your important information. We will ensure that your systems are running properly.