Our work is to empower our social partners, the Charitable Organizations, to be able to reach to Donors and well-wishers and even volunteers.

Since many charitable organizations operate on a tight budget and that the cost of designing and hosting a website in today’s world is expensive, many charitable organizations have shied away from sourcing the website design and hosting service, and thereby resorting to using other informal means to reach out to well-wishers. This has deterred the organizations from achieving their objectives and missions.

JRE Org therefore has partnered with people, who share the same sentiments of changing the world to be a better place. JRE Org is bridging the gap created by the expense incurred when seeking website design and hosting services by the charitable organizations through offering the services for free.

As the good book says, my people are suffering due to lack of knowledge; we at JRE Org, are aware that lack of knowledge is precipitated by lack of information ….. join and reach everyone to reduce sufferings.

For you to gain any of the three JRE initiatives, you are required to send your application through the form on the far left of this page. This is for both the organisation and those willing to work with the organisation.

We design websites for the charitable organisation at no charge, deploy management systems and market their organizations online (through social media and internet market services). We also provide consultancy and training on I.T services. Our initiatives include:
  • GASI (Get-A-Site Initiative),
  • GEMs (Get-A-Management System)